.: Additional Services :.

In addition to our usual editorial services, we also offer the following additional services.

If per chance you don't see a certain service offered, feel free to drop us a note via our contact form, and we'll work with you to accomodate your request.

We charge at a per-word rate for services rendered. Below, you'll find a list of services offered, and subsequent pricing information.

.: Rates :.

scroll We also offer the following services.

These prices are listed in general for the various services offered.

For requests/quotes, please use our contact form.

Blurb/Book Description Editing
We check/fix grammar, punctuation, flow, and help you perfect your book's blurb/book description.

$25.00 - 50.00 per hour (pace = 5 - 10 pages per hour)

Manuscript Formatting
If your manuscript is supposed to follow certain guidelines for a publishing company, we can help format your document to their specifications.

Please Note: Upon reaching an agreement, partial payment will be requested in order to begin editing. The rest of the payment will be incurred upon completion of the edit. Payments are accepted via Paypal.

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