.: Manuscript Submission Guidelines :.

When submitting your manuscript to us, please ensure that you've pre-formatted your document to the standard formatting guidelines listed below.

Please DO NOT format the document manually. We ask that you utilize your word processor's Format > Paragraphing style in order to ensure consistent formatting throughout the manuscript itself.

Should we find that formatting has been done manually, we will alert you of this fact so that a. we can send the manuscript back to you so that you can fix the formatting, or b. we can correct it for you instead.

Keep in mind, however, that should we correct it for you, a $15.00 surcharge will be added to the final portion of the fee owed.

.: Standard Manuscript Format :.


These are the standard formatting guidelines most publishers list for submission.

Font Face: Times New Roman and/or Courier

Font Size: 12 point

First-Line Indentation: 0.5"

Line-Spacing: Double

Before/After Line-Spacing: 0

Top/Bottom/Left/Right Margins: 1"

Contact Information: For digital and print manuscript editing submissions, include your name, contact information, and word count in the upper left corner on the first page of your manuscript.

Headers: Include your name, book title, and page number.

Manuscript Justification: Keep your manuscript exactly as you've typed it. DO NOT justify the text.

Title Page/Chapter Headings Font Face Size: These should be the same face/size as the rest of your text. The only time this will change is when the file is being formatted for final publication per the publisher's requests for styles and the like.

Paragraph Alignment: Flush left. (Unless otherwise specified.)

Ellipsis: There's a space in between each period. (Turn off automated keystroke feature in order to prevent your word processor from creating the condensed dots.)

DO NOT insert extra lines in between your paragraphs.

DO NOT use underlines for emphasis. Use italics instead. This is also used to depict thoughts within a story.

Use bold for chapter headings and sub-headings.

Please Note: Following these guidelines will make it easier for the editor to cycle through your manuscript without having to reformat it for you.

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