An Editor’s Work Is Never Done

LetYourAn editor’s work is never done. They toil at all hours of the day, striving to help shape and polish others words. They sometimes forsake things they should not, all in the measure of finishing what they’ve begun. Sometimes, there’s a lot of red in what they do. Others, it’s a simple job.

Sometimes, they forget to eat, to sleep, and have fun. Family, friends, and pets can sometimes go unnoticed. It’s not because they choose to do so. It’s because they focus so hard on what they’re doing, that it’s hard to let it go until they’re done completely.

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Precognition Writing

penpaper Precognition writing . . . As an editor, I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Well, I’ll tell you.

Precognition means to have foresight or knowledge about something that’s going to happen. Sometimes, it means the person has glimpses into the future. Other times, the person will see something before it happens, allowing them to prevent certain events from taking place.

Precognition is always considered to be something supernatural and/or paranormal. Think of it as being psychic, but being able to see things that haven’t taken place yet. Things that can impact life and the way we see things.

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Editors Are Only Human

penpaperEditors . . .

Everyone needs one. For most of us . . . or rather, each and every one of us, we try to choose one who’s quite affordable, and will help us get the best manuscript out there for our beloved readers. We have to. It’s our job on the line, after all.

I’d like to address something, though. Something that came to my attention not too long ago.

While editors do strive to edit an author’s manuscripts to the best of their ability, we are human. We DON’T – yep, you read it – always catch everything we see. We spend so much time on a project that soon words start bleeding into one another. We may miss things, here and there. For that, we apologize.

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#Read An #Excerpt From Root Canal By Sharon C. Williams

RC BC I’m not sure why this person stopped caring about me. Why do I feel this way? Well, let me tell you all about it.

First of all, I am all alone in a sea of others. They tend to ignore me. On the other side of the room, I can see those like me. In the front are six more. On my side, it’s just me; all me, me, me! It’s like I have been forgotten, or I’m rather unloved. After all, when this being cleans us, more time is spent on the others. I just get a quick run over.

I knew I was right when I saw the big mouth open, and in came Pepsi galore. Doesn’t this being know how bad that is for me? Let alone the sweets? Hello!? You need me, not the other way around.

I guess it doesn’t matter that I’ve been with this being most of her life. It’s bad enough it’s so dark in here. The only time I see light is when that hole in the front opens. It’s anyone’s guess what will come through. This woman loves to eat. This slimy red tongue keeps me company, though. Every now and then, it will rub itself over me as it hugs my entire small frame. That helps. Well, it’s better than nothing, anyway.

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#Cover #Reveal: Root Canal By Sharon C. Williams

Good morning, Everyone.

We’ve a little goodie for you all today.

Sharon C. Williams has a release coming out soon, and we wanted to share with you the cover for her short story. We’re very excited about her book’s release, and hope you will be, too.

Sharon is an up-and-coming children’s books author, but she also writes stories that tug at your heartstrings, and make you go ‘Hmmm.’

This delightful short story is told from a tooth’s point-of-view, and gives you a little insight as to what a tooth’s daily life is like. Granted, when it’s time to go the dentist, things aren’t so hunky-dory. You’ll enjoy this story just as much as I do.

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Editing . . . Do I Really Need It?

inkwell As writers and authors, we all know editing is important. A couple people will say that it’s really not needed, but come on now, you know that’s not true. If you want your books to shine, getting it polished and properly edited is a must.

There are some of us who don’t need extensive editing in order to get our work to the best standard it can be, while others need a couple passes before our book is ready to be unleashed to the world outside. There’s nothing more exciting than letting your baby go, and watching it take flight.

There are quite a few different options in which to edit a book. Basic editing allows you to take care of those pesky grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors. Capitalization, spelling, vague wording, and missing words are also fixed during this phase of editing. Editors also look for repetition and awkward sentence structures.

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